Jay is a media student hoping to, in the future, write video games. They enjoy films, television, video games, and reading. And yes, they do in fact enjoy writing for this blog (this is their idea of a fun time). They enjoy long walks in the winter, quiet days in, and long hot baths.

Their favourite directors are Del Toro, Tarantino, Whedon, Miyazaki, Kurosawa, Park, Johnson, Jackson, Carpenter, Li, Zhang and Jeunet. They like world cinema more than Hollywood and originals to remakes.

Their favourite video game studios are Capcom, Team Ico, Team Silent, Activision, Rockstar, Square, Square Enix, nameless others. Their favourite game series’ are Final Fantasy, Silent Hill, Jak and Daxter, Killzone, BioShock, Resident Evil, Spyro the Dragon, and Metal Gear Solid. They enjoy indie games.

You can find Jay on Twitter, here.


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